📸 President Biden stumbles at Colorado event, raising concerns about his physical well-being.

🌟 Despite the fall, President Biden appears unhurt, but the incident sparks debates about his fitness for office.

🔎 Biden trips on a sandbag while handing out diplomas, caught on video and widely circulated.

😄 President Biden maintains his humor, joking about being "sandbagged" when asked about the fall.

📊 The incident reignites questions about President Biden's age and fitness for a potential second term.

🤝 Former President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis react to the incident, sharing their thoughts.

🩺 President Biden's physical examination in February confirms fitness for duty, despite a "stiffened gait."

⚖️ President Biden's stumble becomes a focal point, emphasizing that even leaders are prone to missteps.